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Coworking in Tokyo

Coworking in Tokyo

We love Tokyo. This most vibrant city is home to some of the world’s greatest art, history, culture, technology, and people. Innovation has always been strong in Japan, which led it to become a leading global power. However, in recent years we seem to have lost some of that entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that thrives in Silicon Valley or other places in Europe and Asia. In a city that is overflowing with young, energetic, and creative people, we set out to create a place for these people to come together, work, play, and grow.

moboff is a series of coworking office spaces for entrepreneurs, creators, designers, freelancers, etc. We were founded by guys with backgrounds in Tokyo real estate, interior design, restaurant management, and IT. Read more


Make the City your Office. About moboff


11/15 Iniciador Tokio #5 w/Serkan Toto
Iniciador is back to Tokyo! After a quite long time since last edition (June! Time flies), next November 15th we will meet again at Moboff space in Yotsuya. This time, we are proud to announce another exceptional speaker: Serkan Toto. Read more – ‘11/15 Iniciador Tokio #5 w/Serkan Toto’.
NewYouth – Yujun Wakashin
Yujun Wakashin New Youth Inc., President @wakashin wakashin.com Profile New Youth Inc.President, Keio Research Institute at SFC Visiting Researcher. Research focus on Sociology and Communication issues. Help corporation and governmental organizations build communication and educational strategies. Read more – ‘NewYouth – Yujun Wakashin’.
7/22 Team building work shop by Takuji Hiroisihi
(This event will be in Japanese) moboff member Takuji Hiroishi will be hold a team building workshop at moboff SHINJUKU i-LAND on 7/22. Presenter: Takuji Hiroishi  (@Empublic) empublic Inc. CEO, Keio University Visiting Lecturer (Communication Studies), Read more – ‘7/22 Team building work shop by Takuji Hiroisihi’.

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