11/15 Iniciador Tokio #5 w/Serkan Toto
Iniciador is back to Tokyo! After a quite long time since last edition (June! Time flies), next November 15th we will meet again at Moboff space in Yotsuya. This time, we are proud to announce another exceptional speaker: Serkan Toto. Read more – ‘11/15 Iniciador Tokio #5 w/Serkan Toto’.
7/22 Team building work shop by Takuji Hiroisihi
(This event will be in Japanese) moboff member Takuji Hiroishi will be hold a team building workshop at moboff SHINJUKU i-LAND on 7/22. Presenter: Takuji Hiroishi  (@Empublic) empublic Inc. CEO, Keio University Visiting Lecturer (Communication Studies), Read more – ‘7/22 Team building work shop by Takuji Hiroisihi’.
6/30 moboff Meetup #1 – Yujun Wakashin, Takuji Hiroishi
We’ve had many moboff events so far, but we would like to start a new series of “moboff Meetups” from now on. Below is our first go at it. [Event will be in Japanese] Designing a new Communication and Work Style moboff member and community organizer Wakashin-san will lead a discussion about how business persons, [...] Read more – ‘6/30 moboff Meetup #1 – Yujun Wakashin, Takuji Hiroishi’.
6/28 Iniciador Tokio #4 w/Hiro Maeda
Fourth edition of Iniciador Tokyo, and this time will be completely in Japanese! This time Hiro Maeda (Netprice.com, Open Network Lab) will help us to promote entrepreneurship. Topic will be “starting up with a global mindset”: for internet businesses, internationalization have to be one of the main steps for success. Join us! Read more – ‘6/28 Iniciador Tokio #4 w/Hiro Maeda’.