Coworking in Tokyo

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We love Tokyo. This most vibrant city is home to some of the world’s greatest art, history, culture, technology, and people. Innovation has always been strong in Japan, which led it to become a leading global power. However, in recent years we seem to have lost some of that entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that thrives in Silicon Valley or other places in Europe and Asia. In a city that is overflowing with young, energetic, and creative people, we set out to create a place for these people to come together, work, play, and grow.

moboff is a series of coworking office spaces for entrepreneurs, creators, designers, freelancers, etc. We were founded by guys with backgrounds in Tokyo real estate, interior design, restaurant management, and IT.

It was only after starting moboff that we came across the coworking concept and movement. As it closely matched our ideas, we decided to hop aboard and use the word. Started in late 2009, we are the first coworking facility in all of Japan. However, the services that we can offer are broad (casual business matching to full on professional services) so one word itself does not describe everything that we can do.

A “REAL” social network

What are called social networks today are virtual constructs where you can connect with “friends” at a distance over the web. While these are very useful and powerful tools, we humans still need to meet and connect with real people. Our members make up our community – a “real” social network. Networking event can only get you so far, and it is only by actually working next to or with somebody that you can know if this person has some value to share with you.

Make the city your office

If you haven’t figured it out already, moboff is a mishmash of Mobile and Office. It just so happens that moboff is also easy to say and write in Japanese – an important factor when most of our members are Japanese.
Originally we started with a strong focus on the IT side of our services. While we are not an IT company, we partnered with small Japanese IT companies to provide an entirely cloud or IP-based IT office environment package for our members. These include online data storage, group ware, VoIP telephone, IP fax, etc. None of these are attached to our locations so members can keep their same environment where ever they go and be able to connect and collaborate with other moboff members.

Join Us

If you need office space in Tokyo (we can handle from freelancers to companies of 10 or more employees), or simply a place to use as your business address, a place to rent out some meeting space, or anything in between, please feel free to get in touch with us: info@moboff.co.jp.