moboff – Nicolas Koreni

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Nicolas Koreni
Hyper Fudosan Creator, moboff Founder


Born in Buenos Aires in 1979, raised in Houston, lived Tokyo for around 10 years. At UT Austin double majored in Electrical Engineering & Japanese. After university came to Japan and found himself in the Tokyo real estate business. In 2007, became only the 5th gaijin to ever get the Registered Real Estate Transaction Manager license in Japan. Hobbies include anything relating to the city of Tokyo, cooking, opera, baseball, beer, etc.


Why did you decide to come to Japan?

I never really thought about wanting to go to Japan. I always thought about going “somewhere”, and that turned out to be Japan. When I first got to Tokyo, I immediately felt that this was the place for me.

What is a Hyper Fudosan Creator?

Well, it sounds cooler in Japanese. Fudosan is “real estate” in Japanese, and there was that famous guy who called himself a Hyper Media Creator. I just went ahead and copied him. Essentially, I want to do fun and interesting thing with real estate here in Tokyo and thought the title sounded better than the dull Real Estate Consultant that I had used before.

Why did you start moboff?

I was originally an engineer so I’ve always had an interest in IT and kept up with the latest trends. With the changing IT services, I felt that we need to change the way we look at the workplace. I’ve also always had an interest in architecture and interior design and moboff was a way of combining my passions. It was only after I started the service that I found out about the word “coworking”, and because that concept and movement closely matches what I was aiming form decided to use it myself. I hope to expand the coworking model within Japan and also show that it can be a viable business.