NewYouth – Yujun Wakashin

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Yujun Wakashin
New Youth Inc., President


New Youth Inc.President, Keio Research Institute at SFC Visiting Researcher.
Research focus on Sociology and Communication issues. Help corporation and governmental organizations build communication and educational strategies. Assist with PR, branding, concept design and communication design. Certified vocational counselor.


*Translated from the original Japanese.

What type of work do you do?

Whenever I’ve been asked what type of “work” I do, I’ve always had a hard time putting it into words. I like to think of myself as a Producer of Communication Strategies for the ever changing society we live in.
I use my sociology and communications background to help corporations with their branding and PR. For more details, please take a look at my corporate site or my Facebook page.

How do you use moboff?

My apartment is very close to moboff SHINJUKU, so I come by whenever I have a moment. I often come late at night and spend the night working there. There’s usually no one in the moboff at that time, so I often have it all to myself. I also use the meeting rooms and seminar rooms for my guests and events.
I could just as well work from home, but it really helps me concentrate and get things done to come to a real office environment. I also like being able to meet and talk with all the other members.

You certainly have a unique fashion style…

In today’s Japanese society, we are blessed with much freedom and the choice to live as we like. However, there are still many Japanese that feel “I have to do it this way!” or “I’ve got to conform!”. I want to be free and show people that they also have the choice to be whatever they want to be. Books are often judged by their cover here, so I use my funky fashion style to show firstly that you can do what you aspire to and that secondly that you must really listen to what people have to say before judging them.

Any thing else you would like to add?

I really like the fact that moboff focuses on community and not just office space. It’s a tendency here in Japan to “have” things, and I think that we’re moving to an age where we “share” things.
Sharing office space with others is just one point, but the most value will come when we can share our skills and knowledge. I’d like to help moboff grow their community so that we can have a ever growing pool of knowledge and skills to choose from.

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